Petroleum Services

Darrell Perdue owner of ITE Consulting resided in Cairo Egypt for 6 years. During that time he worked as a consultant for many Petroleum companies such as, Amoco, Pennzoil, Shell and Apache. Darrell Perdue returned to the United States in 1998 and in 2000 he started ITE Consulting. During that time he has been flown to the middle east on several occasions to help with new startup ventures and get there Information Technology infrastructure in place for the day to day operations. Darrell Perdue is fluent in Arabic and the Middle Eastern culture so he can communicate well with the local citizens of the countries in the Middle East. Below are some of the technologies that we support.

Establishing a vpn connection to the home office or multiple offices.

Establishing communications via satellite to offshore and onshore facilities.

Establishing microwave shots across desert terrain for VOIP and Data communications.

Installation of data cabling in all facilities.
Installation of mainframes and client workstations in all facilities.
Training locals in maintaining/supporting the technologies.

Artesia Software
Texas Computer Works (All Software)
Check Point
Global Software Inc

ITE Consulting hosts and operates one of the largest Petroleum production log reporting system in the world. This Intranet/Internet based application is accessible from anywhere in the world where you have a web browser and an internet connection. Field Engineers on site at a producing well can input the daily production logs of each well into a database using a laptop computer with internet access. Those logs are stored on a 30 terabyte storage server in Huston Texas. At any time those logs can be compared and a production flow analysis would show if the well is decreasing in production so the field Engineers will know when to inject the well with polymers to bring the production back up to normal.

You are responsible for all travel documents. This includes Visas, work permits and customs release forms for any equipment owned by ITE Consulting  brought into the country you are operating in.

Airline tickets must be based on round trip with the return trip being an open date.

You are required to notify the nearest United States Embassy or Consulate office of our arrival date. And to register that arrival with them.

A dedicated driver and acceptable vehicle for transportation to all sites is required. Any desert travel must be a landrover with all maint records up to date.

A $10,000 deposit is required before any travel takes place for each employee. This deposit will be deposited in our bank account and is to assure the safe return of our employees. This deposit will be refundable at the time of project completion.

A more detailed list of requirments may be obtained during the contract enrollment process. Currently we are accepting any projects including anything in Iraq or Kuwait.