Website Creation

ITE Consulting Web Design and Hosting can give your company a presence on the Web. We use the latest design software and programming languages to create, publish and maintain your Web site!

ITE Consulting Offers:

  • The latest Web Design Techniques
  • Graphic and Multimedia Design
  • Back-end and client management
  • Low-bandwidth Flash animation’s and presentations
  • On-line ordering and information capture
  • E- Commerce Sites
  • Secure transactions through SSL
  • Database Integration
  • Video, Audio Streaming and Dynamic image creation
  • Interaction using ASP, PHP, Javascript and Flash animation
  • Submission of Your Site to Major Search Engines
  • Comprehensive Statistics and Reporting

At ITE Consulting, we are constantly refining our skills and utilizing the latest technological advances to put your site above the rest.

Web Site Creation Rates:
Rates vary based on complexity of the site, interaction and other features. A Customer Support representative would be happy to visit with you regarding the needs of your site, and provide you with a quote.

Call 402.769.9337 for a custom quote based on your needs.

Domain Registration Rates:
The cost to establish a domain is $20.00 for the first 12 months, $20.00 for each following year. There is no additional monthly cost for a virtual domain name.

Web Hosting Rates:
Publishing rates vary based on the type of site, amount of traffic and other factors. Basic sites average from $20.00 to $90.00 per month, including an unlimited Internet access account and e-mail structure.

Call 402.769.9337 for a custom quote based on your needs.